NetExtend Web Consulting: Your Internet Partner

Want Design ?

CSS Cascading Style Sheets
Java JavaScript Programming
Windows Windows Updatable

Want Images ?

Camera Custom Photography
Photoshop Photoshop Image Editing
Illustrator Illustrator Logos & Design
ImageMagick ImageMagick Automation

Want Development ?

RedHat Linux Server Systems
Apache Apache Webservers
MySQL MySQL Databases
Perl Perl / PHP / ROR

Want Power ?

Sun Solaris Server Systems
Lighttpd Lighty Webservers
Postgresql PostgreSQL Databases
Java Java Programming

Want Web 2.0 ?

Ruby Ruby on Rails & REST
Scriptaculous Scriptaculous AJAX
Google Google Maps Mashups
Java Java Rich Internet Apps

Want Visitors ?

Google Search Engine Optimizer
Treo Smartphone Browsing
PDA Mobile SMS Texting
Wheelchair ADA Accessibility

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